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If your looking for effective and affordable teeth straightening solutions in Walsall, we are leading providers of the two best treatments available - Invisalign and QuickStraightTeeth.

Do you have crooked teeth? Are you conscious of your teeth when you smile? If so, you can now get your teeth straightened in less time and smile with greater confidence.

One of the most effective forms of dental smile makeovers is orthodontics (teeth straightening). At our Walsall dental practice, we provide a variety of applications and courses of treatments available to create a wonderful smile with perfectly straight looking teeth.

The best time to get braces is during childhood, but adult braces have seen an increase in popularity, as people tend to weigh up the short term againist the long. It's never too late to wear braces and with a wide variety of choice, you'll be sure to find the perfect fit for you.

Example of Teeth Straightening at Premier Dental Care, Walsall

Pre-op Dental Braces in Walsall Birmingham
Pre-op teeth Straightening
Post-op Dental Braces in Walsall Birmingham
Post-op teeth Straightening
Pre-op Orthodontics in Walsall Birmingham
Pre-op teeth Straightening
Post-op Orthodontics in Walsall Birmingham
Post-op teeth Straightening
Pre-op Teeth Straightening in Walsall Birmingham
Pre-op teeth Straightening
Post-op Teeth Straightening in Walsall Birmingham
Post-op teeth Straightening

Fixed Braces

Our traditional fixed braces are for both adults as well as teenagers. The benefits of having straighter teeth extends beyond the aesthetics. With straight teeth, you will feel an improvement in the way your teeth bite together, but you’ll also notice that the teeth become easier to clean and maintain.

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Using QuickStraightTeeth there is no compromise on aesthetics or results. The braces look great, feel comfortable and work quickly to give you a beautiful new smile.

QuickStraightTeeth uses either tooth coloured brackets and wires, or clear aligners, to ensure that once placed in the mouth, they are almost invisible. Most people will be unable to tell you are wearing braces at all.

QuickStraightTeeth gives you fast results because we do not address major orthodontic issues. Instead, the system works to gently level and align your front teeth only to giving you straight teeth quickly!

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Invisalign clear braces straighten teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners, these aligners are custom-made specifically for your teeth. They are comfortable, clear and removable giving you the confidence of straight teeth without having to feel self-conscious about wearing traditional fixed braces.

Because Invisalign braces are nearly-invisible no one needs to know you’re having teeth straightening treatment, and unlike some traditional braces, you can eat or drink what you like (because you can easily take out your removal braces) at meal times.

Invisalign treats a range of straightening issues, from minor tooth movements to more complex cases. Whatever the issue, the result is a new, more even smile that you will want everyone to see.

Our Invisalign prices in Walsall are now extremely competitive and we also provide a FREE consultation.

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