Crowns and Bridges in Bloxwich, Walsall

When damaged or missing teeth are visible it can affect your confidence. At Premier Dental Care, we can restore your teeth with a strong, long-lasting solution that matches the rest of your smile.

If you have a poor oral hygiene routine or have suffered from an unfortunate accident, your teeth are vulnerable to being chipped, fractured or damaged. We use a hardwearing ceramic material to protect the teeth. A custom-made tooth-shaped ‘crown’ sits over the weakened tooth to protect it from further decay and to restore its shape and functionality.

Treatment is usually carried out over two visits. During the initial appointment, we will prepare the original tooth and make an impression of your teeth so that it can be sent to a dental laboratory. Expert technicians will then handcraft your dental crown and match the shade to that of your natural teeth. During the second appointment, your new crown will be permanently bonded into place with a special adhesive.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is used to replace missing teeth and sits in between the adjacent teeth to ‘bridge’ the gap and restore your smile. Similar to dental crowns, the tooth is handcrafted in the same way and treatment is usually completed in two visits. The procedure brings functionality back to your teeth, so you can enjoy eating and chewing as normal.

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