Dental Patient Reviews in Bloxwich, Walsall

Here are some testimonials from our happy patients.

Getting Invisalign has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was always someone who was conscious and uncomfortable with my smile in pictures and around other people. Thanks to Premier Dental and Invisalign, my confidence has been transformed and I’m finally proud to smile. Friends and family have commented on how happy I have been and I regularly receive comments about how good my teeth now look.

The appointments at Premier Dental Care were very informative and the full instructions given were clear and concise. I was very impressed with the professional and friendly advice and support offered by Tarly and Mandeep and they have ensured I’m happy with my results.

I was worried about how I would cope wearing the trays for 22 hours a day, however it really has been an easy and enjoyable experience. I have adapted to have a healthier lifestyle and I have nothing but compliments for the results achieved and the service provided by Premier Dental Care. Invisalign Patient
I have been really impressed with the service and level of commitment I have recieved at Premier Dental. After having the same treatment somewhere else many years ago, I was very sceptical about being happy with the final results. I’m over the moon with my new teeth, they look so natural and I finally have the smile I have been hoping for. A massive Thank You to Dr Tharly, and all the staff at Premier dental and the Key Ceramics. Rachel
I had been conscious of my front teeth for a while, they were discoloured and a little crooked, and I raised my concerns to Tarly at my checkup. He was really helpful and informed me of my options, timescales, and costs. It took me a few months to decide to go for it, and I am so pleased I made the decision to proceed. I had four crowns fitted and I am totally satisfied with the results - I can begin to smile again. Tarly was fantastic, he explained each stage, and was very gentle and considerate. I have no hesitation of recommending this treatment to anyone - I only wish I had decided to have it done sooner. Best wishes Julia Forrester
I attended this dental practice last week, I am or was very apprehensive about dental treatment due to previous bad experiences, the dentist and his dental nurse were very professional and treated me with great care. I would recommend the practice to anyone who has reservations about receiving dental treatment. The practice was clean, well managed with very thoughtful staff. Thank you Val N
After many years of being very unhappy with the gap in my teeth, my confidence was low, especially when meeting new people as I hated the thought of having to smile in front of them. I used to cover my mouth a lot, Dr Tarly Jheeta used to put a white filling to hide the gap, this worked for years but I had to be very careful what I ate. The one thing I missed was being able to bite into a juicy apple, doesn`t seem like much to most I know, so after a consultation with Dr Tarly he suggested having a consultation with his wife Dr Mandeep Jheeta, she made me feel very at ease. I told her all about my Cross fit training and how I`m running a marathon, she never forgot what I was doing in my training and always asked how it was all going. It just made it so much more than visiting the dentist, it made me feel welcome and that she really cared, so after being reassured I finally decided to have braces fitted.

I was a bit apprehensive due to my age (45) however it was by far the best decision I have ever made. Once I got over the hurdle of family and friends seeing me with braces for the first time I was ok, they just become a part of you that you get used to very quickly. If anyone is considering orthodontic work, I would urge you whatever age to contact Premier Dental care. I promise you will not be disappointed, even the reception staff and the dental nurses treat you with a massive friendly smile, My confidence has soared since they were removed. I just keep smiling all the time, I decided to have my teeth whitened to make my smile that little bit more special, I now have lovely white straight gap free teeth..!!! So yes I`m more than happy to show off my pearly whites as soon as a camera is thrusted at me..!! Something that never happened before the treatment. (unless my mouth was shut).

Dr Tarly and Dr Mandeep and ALL of the team are fantastic; they are so friendly, helpful and very professional. Everything was explained thoroughly from the start and anything I asked was dealt with in a kind friendly manner. I can’t even begin to find the words that express how I now feel, you have given me the beautiful smile I have always dreamt of, and for that I am hugely grateful and would like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of the team.” THANK YOU..!!! THANK YOU..!! THANK YOU..!! Sandra Clarke
It was only when I was sitting in the waiting room that I noticed the picture/advertisment for the 6 months smiles, I thought to myself why not! It took some time to make up my mind about having a brace fitted especially at my age (49) and hesitation comes into your mind when it comes to anything to do with your teeth.

Never the less after a couple of months debating this, I spoke to Tarly from the surgery who gave me a brief overview of the procedure and arranged a consultation with Neil the orthodontist. After meeting Neil who thoroughly explained what was required and how it would work, I decided to go ahead.

The treatment did not involve the removal of any of my teeth, each tooth was finely shaved each side in order to allow movement, and with the help of the fixed brace the teeth would eventually move into the correct orientation, it sounds painful but no pain was felt at any time.

After the initial fitting of my brace, I did still feel a bit hesitant, and I did wonder to myself why was I having this done at my age!

My checkups were every 4 weeks, where Neil and his team would talk me through the next step each time, and my brace would be adjusted accordingly. Neil and his team were always thorough and excellent with the work they carried out on each of my visits.

The whole treatment has taken 8 months from start to finish and the results are amazing. All my friends have noticed the difference and comment how brilliant it has turned out.

Like most people would say ‘I wish I had done this sooner’ I was also thinking this to myself, however in hindsight I feel it’s never too late and would recommend the 6 months smiles treatment to anyone.

Many thanks and best wishes for the future. Anthony Perry