Your Trusted Emergency Dentist in Walsall

If you urgently need to see a trusted, well respected and expert emergency dentist in the Walsall or Bloxwich areas, then Premier Dental Care can help.

What is a dental emergency?

If you have a dental emergency, you will know it.

Dental emergencies are when;

  • You have a severe toothache and cannot wait for a regular dentist appointment.
  • If you have a major event, e.g. you have lost a veneer the day before your wedding.
  • Your face has swollen due to your teeth.
  • If your tooth has been knocked out or broken.
  • Uncontrolled bleeding following a tooth extraction.
  • Trauma to the teeth follow an injury or accident.
  • You are looking for a tooth extraction service.

Who do I call if I have a dental emergency in Walsall?

If you are looking for and emergency dentist the Walsall or Bloxwich area, please call our dental surgery within surgery hours on 01922 477 400 so that we can stop your pain!

We will try to see you as soon as possible.

For NHS out of hours dental emergencies call NHS Direct on 111

For dental emergencies on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays please call 07976 246404 between 9.00am and 11.30am.

Private or denplan patients only can call Dr Jheeta on 07527 792582. (Please note private patients may incur a dental emergency call out fee).

What we promise

During your visit, we will treat you exactly how we would expect to be treated:

  • With compassion, understanding and respect
  • With patience and expert dental care
  • We will diagnose the problem quickly and discuss the potential range of treatments to stop your pain
  • Once the treatment has been agreed, we will stop your pain as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Dental emergency treatments in Bloxwich, Walsall

Many dental emergencies are caused by dental phobia. Patients that have dental anxiety or do not see their dentist regularly are those who are most likely to have excessive tooth decay or gum disease, this then can lead to a tooth abscesses and severe toothaches.

Severe toothache is usually a sign that the nerve of the tooth has decayed and most likely, a root canal treatment will be needed to remove the root. In severe cases it can lead to a tooth abscess, which a decision will then be made to have the tooth extracted. If you are looking for a tooth extraction service in Walsall then we can help.

What do I do if I have broken a tooth?

If you have a broken or lost tooth as an adult you can try placing the tooth back in place. Alternatively, place the tooth in milk and contact your dentist.

Do not try this with a baby’s tooth please take your child to see a dentist immediately.

How to ease swelling of the cheek due to toothache or post wisdom tooth removal

A toothache could be caused by many things this is always best checked out by a dentist. To ease the pain, use a cold compress on the swollen area for about 20 minutes, anti-inflammatory painkillers can also be taken as long as they are safe and do not interact with any current medications you may be taking. If in doubt please contact your dentist, doctor or pharmacist.

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