Treatments For Facial Lines & Wrinkles in Walsall

As we age, the elasticity in our skin reduces causing lines and wrinkles to become more apparent.

By booking a personal line and wrinkle treatment consultation with us, our dedicated facial aesthetics clinician can advise you of the non-surgical treatment options available for you. Dr Ban Dawood has the expertise to discuss and assess patients concerns and administer the right course of treatment if required.

Areas Treated

Non-surgical facial treatments are normally used on frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and other smile lines around the face.

One of the most popular areas that can be treated are laughter lines or wrinkles around the eyes. Known as crow’s feet, these wrinkles are extremely noticeable each time you smile and most patients are wanting these diminished for a younger look.

Other deep wrinkles that many patients are troubled about are frown lines, forehead wrinkles and smile lines. These appear constantly throughout the day through various facial expressions and they would like them smoothed out and toned.

Wrinkle Treatment Process

If you are looking for a trusted and expert facial aesthetician in Walsall then you are in safe hands. Dr Ban Dawood can advise you of the most popular facial aesthetic treatments available and approved products that can be used.

Prior to any non-surgical treatments, make up will need to be removed and the skin disinfected. Our expert dentist will then study the facial muscles before applying a local anaesthetic cream to the areas that require treating. The process is relatively quick and painless and patients should not feel too much discomfort.


Non-surgical wrinkle treatments can last three to five months depending on the treated areas and then gradually fade away. Patients can choose to book further appointments should they wish to have a repeat consultation.

Are There Any Side Effects?

As with all medicines, side effects can occur but as long as the treatment is administered properly by a qualified consultant, it is generally safe. Any adverse affects are mild and usually caused during the treatment process. Patients may experience a small bruising, swelling, itchiness and redness on the skin. These side effects only last a few days.

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