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As a leading Dental Practice in Birmingham’s Walsall district, Premier Dental Care has established its reputation through practicing dental prevention to all its patients whether NHS or private. By providing good oral health education during regular dental check-ups, Dr Jheeta and his team can help dental patients keep their teeth longer and maintain a strong healthy life.

Dental prevention is the most important aspect of dentistry and in our modern dental practice in Bloxwich, Walsall we have the facilities and screening processes in place to thoroughly detect any signs of tooth decay, gum disease and oral mouth cancer immediately. We offer a broad range of dental treatments for all ages and our primary aim is to help our dental patients maintain healthy teeth for as long as possible.


Premier Dental Care offer patients both partial and complete dentures that look natural and feel good. Dentures have been available for many years now and help to replace missing teeth or fill gaps in your smile. As well as being functional to help you eat and speak with confidence, our aim is to make perfect fitting dentures that are comfortable and stable for everyday wearing.

Gum Disease
Gum Disease

The most common cause of the loss of a tooth is due to gum disease. Clinically known as Periodontal disease, teeth are under attack daily through the build up of bacteria in the mouth which forms plaque that hardens onto the tooth. If plaque is left too long untreated, the underlying bone weakens through destructive bacteria and the gum line recedes resulting in tooth loss.

Gum disease can be very painful and can be prevented through regular maintenance. At Premier Dental Care, our dental or hygiene team can advise you how our preventive dental programmes will help you keep your teeth longer with healthy gums.

Oral Hygiene
Oral Hygiene

Regular cleaning, flossing and practicing regular oral hygiene is essential to maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Preventing gum disease through the build-up of bacteria and deposits in the mouth throughout the day will minimise dental problems and preventable invasive dentistry in the future.

At Premier Dental Care our hygienist will assess your current dental health and advise you how to keep your teeth and gums healthy through regular maintenance, at both the dental practice and at home and also offer dietary advise if necessary.

We sell a range of dental products such as mouthwashes, interdental brushes, floss and electric powered toothbrushes to suit your everyday needs at very competitive prices. Ask at reception for more details.

Nervous Patients
Nervous Patients

Whether you have ever had a bad experience with a dentist in the past, or feel vulnerable when some one you don’t know is to close to your personal space or generally feel anxious about visiting the dentist, Premier Dental Care and its team are fully trained to help you with any concerns from the moment you arrive. Our friendly dental team will ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible during every stage and will help you with relaxation techniques. We can refer for sedation if required.

Many patients avoid visiting the dentist until they are in severe pain. Unfortunately avoiding a trip to the dentist can result in serious dental treatments. Premier Dental Care can accommodate most patients needs and can discuss any concerns or fears you may have before you experience dental problems. Please feel free to call the practice where our staff can answer any questions.

Endontics (Root Canal)
Endodontics (Root Canal)

Root Canal Treatment is a specialist dental procedure when the soft pulp tissues within the tooth has been damaged through injury or through tooth decay. The pulp connects to the tip of the root and when the pulp becomes infected, the overall health of the tooth is compromised. An infected nerve can cause an abscess and severe pain. At Premier Dental Care, our dentists can help to save the tooth by cleaning and refilling the pulp and prevent further spreading of the infection into the root canal system.

Root Canal Treatment has a high success rate but can be a lengthy treatment over one or two courses. After treatment the tooth may require strengthening and therefore a crown is generally recommended. Our dentists would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns.

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